Burning the Incense Balls

You will have to excuse the crummy quality of my photos; my camera was being quite uncooperative, but I think they’re kind of clear enough…


These are the incense balls discussed in my blog post Making Incense Pellets. They were finally cured enough to burn so burn one I did. The charcoal was being a little bit of a bitch mind you, wouldn’t light correctly but I got it eventually.

During the burning process.

The smell was divine; honey really adds another dimension to the scent of the herbs but does not overpower it as the scent of the herbs came through nice and strong. I have to say I am now a lover of this type of incense, when my herbal stores are built up a little bit, I am definitely cranking out some incense pellets for my business!

All burned, they certainly reduce in size.
If you are curious about the incense burner, it was an item I got in an Uncle Fester's Cauldron Club package.


  1. Lovely! After reading your previous post about making the pellets I decided to make my own too with honey. I'm a honey addict, (I go through about 15lbs of it each year), so any new way to further incorporate honey in my life is right up my alley. Thank you for the simple instruction on creating these lovely incense pellets. You're right, they do smell divine!

  2. You're welcome. I'm so glad yours turned out great too!

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