My Grimoire

A grimoire is perhaps a witch’s most important tool. It will house her memories, her spells, her workings, her beliefs and her journey. It will be the tool that she always uses because it will ever be evolving and changing. A grimoire should be a true reflection of the path you walk and the journey thus far.

My old BoS

My old grimoire (as you can see above) was a Book of Shadows; I started it when I was still Wiccan. It’s a D-ring binder – and I find them to be very useful because they are very flexible. I had purchased a lot with 500 pages in it off eBay and I decorated all of the pages myself, coloured them in etc. But I found that I didn’t use it too often, I think this is because I had put in information that I felt I had to, was required, was told by other Wiccans had to be in your Book of Shadows and although it is lovely and decorated, it’s not a true reflection of my path.

I decided to start over because I had decided to start over in my path. For some time now I’ve been a Witch, not Wiccan. I’ve touched on the thought of being a traditional witch and I still feel to a degree that I am but I’m not completely comfortable owning that title in its entirety as it relates to my path. At this point in time I’m not even sure I could define what path is generally speaking. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for awhile, I wrote about it previously, and day by day I think I discover a little more about myself and where I’m heading.

Don't you just love the purple? Awesomest colour ever!

But anyway, back to my grimoire. For my birthday last year I had my stepdad handcraft me a grimoire to my specifications. It is purple suede (I do love me some purple), lined with purple and black material, white, black and purple ribbons and is post bound so it is still flexible. It has a pentagram on the front and it really is quite lovely. (He takes custom orders). Actually most of my important tools have been handcrafted or at least been altered by hand. I decided (as I had not put much in it since I got it) when I began to rebuild my book that I would only put in the things that were important to me, not things that people deemed important overall. I want it to truly reflect my journey so I am putting things in it as I do them. I will add correspondences and whatnot soon enough but for now, as I create, practice or do things, I write about it and add it to my book.

My Front Page, I haven't put in a title page yet
but you can see the lovely ribbons and lining.

Yes, I borrowed this out of the Charmed BoS, I liked it.

The Witch's Wisdom is also from Charmed.
I really do love what it says.

This was my page added after I made my first Flying Ointment.

Some more recipes I've tried out.

The October thing is from an Almanac - Llewellyn I believe
but I really loved the imagery.
The Beltaine page is something I bought from eBay.

Again from an Almanac and who doesn't love
the Pooka Pages stuff?

Ivy on the Path has two wonderful articles about creating a Book (here and here), it put some things in perspective for me as I was doing mine. My book is truly going to be an organic process, it will grow as I grow, it will change as I change and hopefully, by the end of it, it shows where I am. Perhaps then I can understand what my path is.

My most important advice for those starting their own book is truly to really just let it grow with you. Don’t cram a tonne of information in it because you think you have to, let it be an organic process, let it come naturally and really be the tool that reflects your journey.


  1. I am so glad to hear about your journey.
    It seems we have very similar paths my dear, I too started off as wicca - learning as much as I could there, but didn't feel it was for me.
    I did lean more towards the Traditional Witch path, and yes I have learnt much there too - but still I can't really call myself A Traditional Witch.
    I was a witch before I even knew what one was - when I was little, I used to cast circles with a stick that I found and sit inside it just listening to Mother ever taught me things like that, they just happened to be what I did.
    Now I am still nurturing my path - can't tell you exactly what it is - but it is MY PATH!!
    I have always wanted to start a Grimoire....did do a BOS a while back, but grew tired of putting stuff in there that didn't pertain to me. So maybe I should start again.
    Thank you for the inspiration Stacey :o)

    1. Starting over is always good :), I think you should start a grimoire but just do it as you do what you do.

  2. Nice blog post, its great not to worry about a "path". I have been a witch and pagan all of my life (I'm mid 50's)I have always just followed my heart and my practice evolved and grew by what I was willing to put into it.
    Too often people get stuck on what should and shouldn't be done as far as practice and putting the right stuff in the Book, when really its a matter of personal preference, there is no right and wrong item and it gets my last nerve when people try to force what they feel is right/wrong because they heard it here or read it in a witchcraft 101 book.
    You seem to know your way and are following your heart and this post will be helpful to those trying to make their way too. At my age I have 27 Books and just started a new one and yeah Purple is great.

    1. 27 books? Wow! The information contained in them must be astronomical but fantastic!

  3. Your Grimoire is beautiful! What a fulfilling project too. I agree with you. Creating one's Book of Shadows or Grimoire should be an organic process. One's path is ever changing (at least mine is) and one's Book should reflect that. Yours certainly does. Wonderful!

  4. Hi! I was wondering if you would trade some or all your pages with my own. Thanks


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