New Seeds

Yay, new seeds. Always a great day when you can get new seeds. The picture shows the stash. More Mandrake Seeds (both officinarum and autumnalis) as well as Sweetgrass (for future incenses and smudge sticks) and the Queen of witchy herbs - Belladonna a.k.a Deadly Nightshade. I'm not sure how I will go with the Belladonna, I think it will be a wait and see experiment. The Mandrakes I will be putting out soon and I certainly will be giving the Sweetgrass a bash. My white sage has started to come up (I think), no movement on the Mugwort yet.

I've not been ignoring my Mandrake project, I've been busy and they've not grown yet but I will be posting some more info soon!!


  1. I've just harvested the stems of my lavender and have come in to look for my balls of string to tie them up and ... face it, I jumped on the computer for a break. I noticed your post in the blogger reader and thought "who on earth is planting now?" That whole otherside of the world/other side of the year thing really throws me. Good luck in your gardening. Happy Spring.

  2. It is funny, I'm part of a forum and sometimes, if newer members don't know I'm from Australia, they think I'm mad or screwy because I'll write "Good Morning/Afternoon" and they'll be thinking I can't tell the time. You get the "ooohhhh" moment when I say I'm from Oz lol.

  3. Oh I love to get new seeds too....
    My white sage is not wanting to grow, which is rather annoying - I think I might have got a dud batch of seed :o( Mind you, the weather has been particularly crappy down here....we even had snow in the foothills (unheard of in Spring - especially in October)
    Good Luck with yours...

  4. I'm sharing your planting dramas at present. I'm in Canberra and I purchased a bunch of seeds recently, and I've tried to germinate Belladonna, Henbane, Mandrake, Mugwort, Rue and Yarrow... But only the Yarrow has sprouted and I can find that by the roadside basically anywhere :"(

    I'll be really interested to see how your Mandrakes and Belladonna go, as well as your Sweetgrass.


  5. My white sage has sprung one little seedling but it is so tiny right now, my mugwort ain't budging, won't come up. I'm so frustrated right now, but hopefully the Mandrakes come up, I did read it can take up to 8 months or more though and believe me, patience is not one of my finer qualities :)


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