Card #12 The Grant Three Wishes Witch

The Grant Three Wishes Witch demonstrates that wishes really do come true. Being naturally intelligent, you understand mysterious secrets that give wisdom to the wise, but entangle the minds of fools. Your heart’s desire will be granted. As your wishes echo in your soul, you will be transformed by love and self faith.

Sounds nice, I hope it really does come true, I could do with some happy wishes coming to fruition right about now. Each day I am going to do something involved with the card and the three wishes – however I won’t share what those wishes are because I think some things need to be held sacred and like spells, if all and sundry know about them, they might not happen.

Day 1: Today I really thought about what it is that I want and what wishes I would like to see come true. I’ve thought about it and I know what they are, they are dreams I’ve held on to for so long but never had hope for them coming true. Now I will change my attitude and move forward knowing this is what I want and that it is possible. I might even take some ‘mundane’ action to help these wishes along.