Free Tarot/Oracle Reading for My Followers

I’ve decided, since I’m vastly out of practice, to offer free tarot and/or oracle readings to my blog followers. I used to read quite regularly when I was a part of Firefly but now not so much since I left. Although I offer paid readings in my store, I decided for those who are kind enough to follow, read and comment on my blog I would do free ones for one month – 30th November to the 30th of December. I’ve been complimented on my accuracy so hopefully I can help you with any situations or issues you face.

Please note: I am fairly blunt, if a message is clear I generally won’t sugar coat or fancy it up. I will tell you what the cards say without hesitation or pomp because I’m not a fan of getting a reading and having it vague, without meaning and meandering. So if you don’t like straight up, please don’t ask for a reading.

  1. You have to be a current follower/subscriber of my blog - this is my way of saying thankyou to those who read and follow me so no exceptions.
  2. One question per reading, too many questions per reading can confuse the cards.
  3. I will do one reading per person per week. Please do not send me a different reading request every day – it won’t happen.
  4. You will receive your reading within 48 – 72hrs.
  5. No health or death questions. No exceptions.
  6. Please put your name that would appear in my subscriber list on your request as well as your real name and question.

THE CARDS I HAVE: (in case you have a preference)

Tarot Cards

Celtic Dragon Tarot
Mystic Faerie Tarot
Wildwood Tarot

Oracle Cards

Oracle of Shadows and Light

Note: The Faeries & Heart of Faerie oracles I’ve not had much practice with yet, so if you choose those ones – could be interesting.

So if you would like a reading please send me an email at staklee84 (a) with your question and I will do my utmost best to give you a clear and concise reading. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I can only improve if I know where I’m going wrong or where I am getting it right.


  1. Great idea! I'll be emailing you.

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