Growing White Sage

I'm getting a little fed up with White Sage. I can't for the life of me get any to grow. I did get one little plant up but it died. I'm having the same problem with Mugwort but that is a whole other rant. I was beginning to take it personally but I wrote to All Rare Herbs where I got my seeds from and apparently white sage is difficult to grow - usually a 10 - 14% germination rate. So after trying to grow in a large greenhouse, outdoors in pots and in a sand/loam mix and failing miserably I have decided to try and grow some seedlings in jiffy pellets inside a little greenhouse on the kitchen windowsill. The container they are in is a choc chip cookie container from Coles - how cool huh?

Hedging my bets I also bought a white sage plant from Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm - you can get 1 - 3 plants for $8.80 postage which I think is kind of awesome (I also bought a red yarrow and lemon balm). It has given me ideas - oh how mad I could go shopping there.

So anyway, if you are having trouble getting white sage to grow - don't take it personal. Apparently it likes to be difficult for everyone.


  1. Oh thank goodness for that....I thought my green thumbs had turned blue or something as I had planted 50 seeds, managed to get 2 of them to poke their little heads through and then they keeled over...I was not a happy little witch I can tell you..
    Thanks for that information - maybe I should get seedlings too....


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