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Some of you may know, my interests are wide and varied, generally twisting and turning as I go along this path and to that end, lately I've been feeling called to working with the Banes and exploring the darker aspects of Herbalism alongside my natural interest. I'm not sure where this path with take me or what I will learn along the way but I've created a new blog specifically for these interests. I will of course keep writing in this one because this is my 'overall view' blog and likely - as with the post on Belladonna - some things will cross over from there to here and visa versa. My new blog will explore my journey into working with Bone and Bane and what I learn from it. I'm kind of terrified of walking this new path because it is unknown, it is not clear but I'm sure that in all in our own way we experience this - a pull toward something unknown, unexplored. So, please head over and check it out, I hope I can offer up some interesting information or just a look at something different. Sooo my new blog is:


  1. Just dropped by to have a look - very nice!!
    I look forward to reading about your adventures into the Banes...


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