Card #12 The Grant Three Wishes Witch - Day 7

(It's a bit late but here is the final day with this card)

Day 7: Full Moon – rather fortuitous timing for the final element of this card. With this card is a ritual, and although previously I’ve not done the spells because they aren’t my normal way of doing things, this one is. I thought I would post the ritual up here for everyone to see because it’s really simple and I think easy for anyone to try.

Grant Three Wishes Witch Ritual from book:

Three Wishes Do Come True

Take three fresh or dried bay leaves, one for each wish, and light a white candle for purity. In front of the flame, write in blue ink one wish on each leaf. Hold the bay leaves in a fan shape and gaze into the candle flame. Close your eyes and visualize each wish individually. Picture how life will be when each wish is fulfilled. If the vision fades, open your eyes, look into the flame, close your eyes again and continue. Kiss the front and back of each bay leaf, place them in an envelope, and put it under your pillow. Snuff out the candle. In the fullness of time, each wish will come true.

I did this ritual, hopefully it comes to fruition. Closing thoughts on the Grant Three Wishes Witch is that it opened my eyes a little and motivated me to move my dreams forward, doing what I can to help the magic along.