Card #7 The Treasure Witch

I’m a little behind on my Witch Cards – one card in and already not giving it my all – tsk tsk to me. Anyway, the card selected for this week is the Treasure Witch.

“The Treasure Witch brings precious gifts more beautiful than jewels. She endows you with peace of mind, and dream gifts from heaven while you sleep at night. A bedtime incantation or prayer will realign you with deeper energies and reveal the best of your true gift.

News, gifts and invitations arrive as if from a casket of heavenly treasures. These gems will colour your mood with optimism and a promise of divine happiness. Your sincerity is creating heavenly good and deeds that will pay divine dividends.”

Hmmm. So much mention of Heaven – really not me per se but the rest of it I like. As I walk the path of a Witch, I’ve been wondering if I have any gifts at all and at the same time acknowledge that they remain so far unknown because I am crap at meditation and kind of give up before I begin so I know that I haven’t given time to focus on them as much as I should do. I’m not a necessarily material person (although I do believe the more books and herbs the better) but who wouldn’t be excited about arriving gifts? If these are of the spiritual nature and not physical then I am as equally happy. Xmas is coming up though so perhaps the gifts spoken of are Xmas gifts? (Already wrapped and under the tree, my family is on top of and in front of it this year!). However this is to unfold, I am waiting with interest.

Now to the practicalities of helping this manifest: a while ago I purchased a guided meditation cd called ‘The Inner Gift’ so I think one of my goals for this week is to listen to it and see if it helps at all. I might even (gasp) try some meditation and inner focus. I was planning on doing a Banishing of Negativity and Bad Luck ritual this week as it is the waning phase of the Moon so therefore perfect for this kind of thing, and I think it will fit in with the general theme of this card. Got to get rid of the old to make way for the new.

I will say without hesitation that I believe some of the gifts spoken of are my two cats – my beautiful, insane, angelic, demon possessed princesses. I do love them so much.