Faery Oil/Ointment

The Summer Solstice is almost here, strangely, the Moon has been rising very late. The other night I went outside, must have been about 11pm. The Moon had only just risen over the horizon. It was massive and yellow – looked amazing actually – my stepdad asked if it was getting close to a long day or something. Of course the Solstice is coming up, on the 21st it will be the summer one here. It feels strange leading up to it, I can’t explain it. We are having decidedly non summer weather here right now (which is fabulous because I hate hot weather), we’re having a run of winds, coolness and rain so again, strange. I’m loving it, will love it if it keeps going past Xmas.

Because I have been slowly working my way back toward being more involved with my spirituality and getting to where I want to be, I felt like the Summer Solstice would be a perfect time to rededicate myself to my path and to the journey I want to take. I’m interested in working with the Fae, I’ve recently begun to renovate my Faery Garden (photos later) and I thought the best way to honour them and try to work with them is to use their corresponding herbs to make an infused oil which will eventually become an ointment. So the other night I began the process by selecting my herbs (some from my garden) and infusing them in Grapeseed oil. I’ve also done the same with my Wormwood. The oil is now infusing on my kitchen windowsill getting the sun. I am hoping by the solstice the oil is ready because I will make the ointment and use it on the solstice.

I used a variety of herbs: the most important one is Thyme as this is very much a faery herb. I read once that often an oil of Thyme was used on the eyelids to see the Fae (thus inspiring me to use Thyme), I also used Oak (another famous fae tree), lavender, vervain, rosemary, hawthorn and a couple of other herbs to round out my oil.

So hopefully it is strong and scented beautifully. I really do hope it does what I wish, if the Fae wish to work with me, they shall let me know I think. Otherwise, ti will be a wonderful ointment to use when reading my various Fae decks and working with the natural energies of my garden.


  1. Love it! To be honest, I don't work with the Fae. They make me nervous. I do feel the Spirit of The Island actively watching everything that goes on, though, so perhaps she is a similar being? I think I should pay more attention to her and more consciously honor her. Love the herb infused oil. It will be lovely by the Solstice. :-)


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