Summer Solstice

How was your Summer Solstice? Any end of the world vibes? I didn't feel any, but then again I've always been of the opinion that the Mayan thing was vastly blown out of proportion because let's face it, they either thought 5000 yrs was long enough and would do another calender closer to the end date - or they got wiped out and so weren't able to do another calender. Either way...

Anyway, my solstice was rather quiet. The night was beautiful actually because it was so quiet. I cooked dinner (I forgot to take photos of it), previously throughout the day I made a Litha incense and completed my Faery ointment which gave me bizarre dreams (that will be for another post), and after dinner, when night had fallen, I did an offering and ritual to commemorate the day. It's actually the first time I've ever done any sort of ritual work on a Sabbat - new experiences and growing on the path.

This was my altar for the day, just a few things that remind me of the Solstice, of Midsummer happiness and of course the never-ending heat we get here.

My Litha incense making session. I've only just really begun to use a M&P for grinding, I still prefer a Coffee Grinder but I felt like being a little traditonal.

My resin base of Copal, Benzoin and Gum Arabic.

Mixed in were herbs of Lavender, Vervain, St J Wort and Chamomile.

My faery ointment.

My attempt at making non-alcoholic mead. Can honestly say not a fan of the taste, I mean I love honey but fresh on bread, not so much in a cool drink.

My offering of brownie and mead for the Fae folk abounds.

My ritual, gold and red candle with a stick of Fairy Dreams incense and of course my burning handcrafted incense. I really love the smell of the incense on charcoal, it adds a whole other dimension to the experience.

So there was my solstice, quiet and lovely. It was nice to take the time to do some introspection. I also did some tarot and oracle readings for myself which I most post later on (with Xmas coming on, I'm a little busy so I shall try to have them up before the new year). The results were interesting but need a little more time for interpretation and understanding.

Overall I hope everyone had an exceptionally lovely solstice whether it was Summer or Winter and I wish everyone the best for the Holidays however you celebrate them!

Merry/Happy Xmas, Yule and Holidays All!!


  1. A Happy Summer Solstice to you, I am attempting to make Mead this year I have found some simple recipes so I hope it comes out as good as yours looks. And since I am celebrating the Winter Solstice I'm going to make some hot cider too. Have a great Yuletide and Christmas.

  2. Wishing you Happy Holidays Stacey.

    We couldn't do anything for the Summer Solstice this year as we were travelling, basically - through all the excitement of taking off on a road trip at the last minute I must admit I was a naughty little witch and forgot!!!
    Though I did remember as we were travelling by car through the highways of our great land...and gave thanks for the beautiful sunsets and great bushland we saw!!

    I have never tried to make our own mead, though I have modified the shop bought one by adding a few spices like cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and cloves, which I feel improves the taste somewhat!!


  3. Hello via Hedgewitch.
    Summer Solstice felt odd as I would usually have a Winter Solstice now, and having two Summer Solstices in a get the idea!
    I've flown for the first time and traveled from Scotland to Aotearoa/New Zealand...where are you in the Southern Hemisphere?

    The Solstice this year was a peaceful pause, a gathering of thought and energy for the next cycle.

    Blessings Be.

    1. I live in South Aust (Australia), in the mid north area.


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