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There is a strange feeling in the Pagan community right now; I tend to think of it as ‘more bitching, less growing’. It’s not a community anymore I don’t think. There seems to be this need to push one’s own agenda, and to become a ‘Guru’ and to seem like you know the ‘right way’ or the ‘only way’. There are so many different forums across the internet for Pagans to share their message, their path and their passion but instead it seems to be only all about putting down other people to make themselves look better. It’s sad to see because this is a community that should be pulling together and sharing their passions, not tearing apart other people’s in order to push their own.

As some of you will know there was a big scuffle on Facebook between two parties that somehow escalated into something completely nasty because of the followers of one party (or minions as I like to call them because let’s be honest they were acting like minion trolls) and it got to the point that some parties who were commenting actually said to the trolls and the one party for whom these trolls were going insane that there could legal ramifications including slander, defamation and harassment. Only then was the thread pulled, but this was after near on 200 abusive, sometimes threatening comments. And all of this was over perceived “copying” (using a free template is not copying) and “imitating” of products or services or something. Whatever, we all at one point, if we handcraft things, try ointments, oils, herbs and other things.  To a degree this is why I put a photo of my Wormwood on the previous post, I know the person mentioned above is selling infused Wormwood oil and I don’t want to be on the receiving end of an accusation so here I am proving that I have an enormous wormwood and had it long before I ever began reading this person’s blog. It’s really quite disheartening when we have to cover ourselves this way to protect ourselves from harassment and trolls.

Now it seems there is a trend of ‘New Ager Bashing’ going around. I know that there is some thought that Trad Witches are being negative and unpleasant toward others not of the Trad Path – which is wrong because the Trad Path like any Pagan path is a personal choice – not the ‘right’ way or ‘correct’ way for everyone. It’s funny to think that the original theory behind 21/12/12 is that some sort of spiritual awakening or enlightenment was supposed to happen – if this keeps up, I really don’t think that’s possible. Honestly, for the most part, I think I’ll wake up on 22/12 and life will go on and I will be looking forward to Xmas where I finally get my size 3 potjie pot! My parents bought it all the way back in July because it was on special and it has been sitting there taunting me ever since…. Damn cauldrons!

Anyway I’ve just been thinking lately about the way things are in the internet world, of how easily people insult, ridicule and dismiss others. Instead of everyone trying to prove their ‘Pagan-ness’ how about we actually try getting along with each other and trying some of that thing we like to call tolerance and understanding??


  1. I am in total agreement. When I first noticed this I was outraged and surprised that Pagans would resort to this, but now I see that some people who become pagans do it for the wrong reasons - to have an interesting "label" and feel superior. I find it so absurd that ANY pagan can actually put a claim on any pagan practices as this is one very old path. When I see this happening too much on any online venue I stop going to the site or I unfollow. That's my cyber way of "ignoring" the bullies.

  2. Well said, Stacey, and Aine.

  3. I've had to leave Pagan sites due to bitchiness and bullying, and I find it intolerable...
    Even though I still have a couple of sites that I am a member of, I still keep a low profile just so no negativity comes my way.
    I think Aine has hit the nail right on the knocker, there are a lot of people who are "trying out" Paganism and seem to want to enforce their views and practices on ones who have been Pagans for a whole lot longer....
    It's a sad fact in every group or faction there seem to be trouble makers.
    On facebook I do the same thing and just unfriend and block them...


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