Card #2 The Silver Moon Witch

“The feminine Moon Witch, the mistress of women, turns the tide of time in your favour. The next new or full silver moon will reveal your progress. A full moon magnetises water into waves, so choose your moment to question whether you are swimming with the tide. Happy days will arrive spontaneously. Like the rhythmic moon, increase is followed by decrease in a never ending cycle.”

I like the sound of this card, after a large amount of time of decrease I feel positive about an increase. I feel like I am entering a good phase of my life, as though all things are possible. The things that I want to work on are my divination skills, my business, my herbal interests and just generally putting more magic into my life and making an effort to do so. It’s time to look to the future and see what’s possible.


  1. I love this card. My sister and I had this deck as little girls but over the years have lost the booklet and a few of the cards. Could you tell me where or who makes these? Possibly the name of the deck. Thank you so much


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