I’m Dreaming of a Yew Tree

Yew has been figuring in my mind lately, I’m an Oak girl – always have been and have a strong attachment to the Oak in our yard but Yew has been demanding a look in lately. Not sure why, it could be that it wants in on my ever growing list of tree potentials (I have seeds for Elder, Hawthorn, Rowan, Blackthorn and a couple of others) that fit in the realm of traditionally British. I have a feeling it is more than that but I’ve not yet truly explored what it could mean. With Xmas and the New Year not much time has been allotted to the research of Why.

Perhaps it is simply echoing my intentions to walk the Poison Path, after all the Yew is a great tree of poison antiquity, it could be echoing my interest in spirit work or baneful herbs. I’m not sure yet, but I do know I feel the need to acquire one and soon. This is something that will require more reflection and understanding but for now I leave it to unfold however it shall. Perhaps this dream I had (20th Dec) figures into it. I think it came because that night I had been straining my infused Wormwood oil and hadn’t used gloves so some of it must have soaked into my hands before I washed it off.

The Dream:

I kind of went in and out of it as an active participant, but the dream was in an old house, big, but not some stone monstrosity - I actually think it was wood. There was a group of us (one looked like Mel Gibson but I think this is mostly because I watched Braveheart the other day), anyway everything was fine if not a little spooky then people started getting possessed by a spirit or force and went completely mental, running around trying to kill each other with knives. I can't remember exactly what was said when each person got possessed but I think it was something about dying and not being here or staying here. We all left, me being one of the last as I was being stalked by a possessed person. When I escaped I noticed a truly ancient tree on the property, the trunk was in two leaving like a doorway through the tree and in my mind (in the dream)

I recognised it, or felt it, as Yew (I've felt really called to Yew lately) and I have an image of some one in black top hat and tails coming from within the doorway. I ran through a field that was dark, misty and sort of gray scale and in the long grass was bits of cutlery. I picked up two butterknives and decided to hide up a tree. The trees around me were either green or skeletal.

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taxus_baccata

Fast forward to however long and the group of us are past the possession and living elsewhere but the group wants to return to the house. We go there to see it and I feel something from the Yew, like a shiver. We decide to work some magic to find out what is in the house, I feel myself go back in time to the sitting room of the house and there is a man tied up, he's probably my age-ish (28) but he is tied up, he has long blonde hair and he has been beaten. He has words written on him but I can't remember what they are. He is all scratched up and I touch him, feeling his wounds. I think he is being punished from having an affair with the daughter of the man who owns the house (she looks like Lemon Breeland from Hart of Dixie - don't ask me why...) as I touch him I wake up but somehow think before I wake up that modern descendant of this daughter needs to come back and help this man somehow and deal with the pain and possession in the house. I remember right before I woke up looking at the tree and seeing mist within the doorway and it still being grayscale.

The tree itself kind of looked like this.

So there is my dream...yeah, it’s a bit weird I’ll grant you.