The New Year

I am hoping that 2013 becomes a much better year for me, that things come together in a happy, positive way. I’m not sure what the coming year holds for me, I’m considering doing a twelve month forecast tarot reading but I think I’ll wait and see. I wasn’t going to do any resolutions for the year because I had thought that the ones I made for 2012 didn’t come to anything but I had actually written them down and so I went back to check.

My Resolutions for 2012 were:

Finish Clergy track before 28th birthday (Done)
Begin study for Herbalism course (Done – Finished)
Begin building on Spiritual study through different avenues (Done-ish)
Reach out and meet new people (Does online count?)
Begin saving for the Dragon’s Eye Tour (Not Done)
Begin growing my own proper herbal medicine garden (Started-ish)
Begin growing my own proper witchy herbal garden (Started)
Scout potential homes with adjoining business premises (Dreaming)

So I didn’t do too bad on the whole, but I think for this year I want to write out goals more so than resolutions, resolutions sound so resolute (yeah, I did that) however goals are things one wishes to attain but does not feel the pressure of having to achieve it as with a resolution. So what are my goals for this year? I’m not sure really, but I do have a few – maybe I’ll end up with a 13 Goals of the Witch – Country witch style.

My Business: Although my website is for all intents and purposes up and running again, I’ve only got a few select dropship items in it. My dream is to fill it with handcrafted oils, unguents, ointments, incenses, curios, bones and banefuls. I also want to address my herbalism passion and perhaps sell herbal items outside of the magical realm. My eventual and long term dream is to grow all of the herbs myself but for right now I am going to purchase herbs/roots/resins that are either organic or wildcrafted.

My Blogs: To contribute more to them. My tarot and herbal blog don’t get as much attention as this one, and my By Bone and Bane blog will start to get more attention as I grow on that fork of my path. I want to devote more time to my other blogs, my herbalism one is important to me, I’ve just let it lag.

Bone and Bane Work: I really want to walk this path seriously this year, to explore it fully and properly and get to know why I feel called to this area and to see where it takes me.
Buy/Acquire a Yew Tree

Meet Pagan folk in my area: I want to start meeting other Pagans and perhaps begin to create a circle or coven. This is a little tricky but I have some ideas. They’re not fully formed yet so this is something I will continue to work on.

Write My First Book: I have an idea of where I’m going with this so if and when it happens I shall let you all know!

Seriously get my herb gardens going.

Be more financially secure.

Practice more, even if it is something really simple each day.

Save for another overseas trip (likely Dragon’s Eye Tours).

So this is where I’m at for goals for this year, hopefully I can accomplish some if not most of it.

Here’s looking to this year with hope and the best intentions moving forward.

And now I might go and strain my Ancestor oil (I meant to write a post about it, will get there soon).


  1. I love your idea of 13 goals of the Witch - Country Witch style....
    I agree that goals are better than resolutions - resolutions are so easy to break and you end up being miserable that you never want to do it anymore, for fear of being ridiculed.
    I may have to steal this idea and really think about what I want to set my goals for this year.....hmmm...this may take some thinking..LOL..
    Goals are much better, and you didn't do a bad job of your 2012 ones did you!!!!
    I do hope that 2013 is better for us both, last year was a miserable son of a bitch year!!!


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