Cursing - Response to 2 Witches in a Box

The questions posed by 2 Witches in A Box in relation to their Pagan Blog Post on cursing.

•Do you think a curse/hex could ever be warranted? Why or why not? Yes, there are some situations where cursing is not only warranted but suitable. Sometimes mundane avenues can't fix the problem and other means are required and waiting for karma (which I don't really believe in) to exact revenge is not an option.

(Why don't I believe in karma? Let's just say I've seen a few people do things that are so very wrong and nothing seems to happen to them.)

•Would you personally work a curse/hex?  Why or why not? I would if I felt the situation required it. It's not something to take lightly or flippantly so if I was to do it, it would really have to be warranted. I've not cursed anyone as yet, hopefully I never need to (not that I'm squeamish about it) but you do not know what could happen in the future.

•Have you to the best of your knowledge been on the receiving end of a curse?  If yes, how did you correct it? I don't think I have been, I don't believe I've ever pissed anyone off that much or deliberately hurt anyone to deserve it but I do believe that sometimes I wouldn't have any luck but for the bad luck I have - however things are improving which is fab!


  1. Hmmm..I agree with you totally..
    I also don't believe in Karma as I have seen the opposite to you, people doing nice things, even great things for others and then they get struck by something's not fair!!
    I remember writing on our garage wall in chalk a couple of years ago
    "Karma does not exist"....


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