Making the Kyphi Pellets

Ok, so they turned out more ball-like, about teaspoon size I suppose, but it was such sticky fun! I had to keep washing my hands every so often because the honey in the balls would stick to the honey on my hands and not roll properly.

Here is the ingredients getting ready to come together. I am a bit funny in that I tend to add stuff as I go along, so this ended up with way more ingredients than originally intended.

Here is the sultana/date/port mix.

I added the vanilla and essential oils to the dry mix.

Here is the fruit/dry mix coming together nicely.

Adding the honey (organic).

Here is my lovely scented sticky mess (a.k.a kyphi).

Here are all the balls made, I think there is 68 all up.

So here is my first batch of kyphi, it will be sold in my store. I'm giving it a month to cure so it should smell absolutely fantabulous by the time it is ready for sale. I have it sitting in my Mum's food dehydrator so the air circulates better - plus way practical storage!

The kyphi itself is made up of almost all organic or wildcrafted raw materials so I am really pleased about that too.


  1. I wish I could smell them.....maybe we could come up with scratch and sniff blogs..LOL....
    Looking good....

  2. I know this is a long time ago... but I'm hoping you will see and answer! I just made my first batches of kyphi and my thought process was to maybe try to cure them or "dry" them using the dehydrator... not just storing them in there for a month. Have you tried this since writing the blog? I live in a very very humid climate, on the beach, and things drying here just don't happen, unless it's laundry blowing in the wind. Everything molds and mildews here... so... I put the balls in trays with dessicant in a plastic bag and put the trays in the bag on top of the dessicant and closed it up. I suppose that will work in the long run,but am interested in trying the food dehydrator. Any experience with this method?? Thanks!

    1. No, I've not as yet tried the dehydrator method for drying as yet. I am considering it for winter though but during the spring/summer months where I live it is warm enough to air dry them. I'd be very interested in knowing how you go with the dehydrator!


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