Making Kyphi

I’ve decided to make some Kyphi for my store. I’ve made incense balls before and quite enjoyed it, I’ve always been curious about Kyphi – however it does take some time to make and has an epic list of ingredients. I found myself thinking that if I am really going to be a crafty artisan product driven witch in business and in life then conquering the famous Kyphi is a giant step in the right direction.

I used a recipe from Artistic Witch and adapted it to suit what I had and where I was heading with it. I also added and subtracted a few of my own ingredients to give it a more personal touch. Hopefully when it’s completed it will smell divine! Most (near all) ingredients in my Kyphi are either Certified Organic or Wildcrafted.

Here is where I started with all of my ingredients. I had the romantic notion of using my mortar and pestle in true traditional style while making this incense. The futility was immediately evident so I chose to use my coffee grinder instead - so much easier!

My Frankincense all ground up.

The Myrrh was added.

As was the Bezoin, Copal and Dragon's Blood.

A selection of herbs in my grinder.

It is all together in the jar - although yesterday I changed this. I went to shake it to mix it up a bit, resins set hard even with other herbs in it, so it is now in a chinese container where I can break it up and shake it as needed.

This is the final mix all together before it was placed in the jar.

Here is my fruit mix. I didn't have raisins so sultanas it was, with dates and port. I didn't have any red wine and we had leftover port from Xmas. Very frugal of me I thought.

Here it is in better light in its container. This I will be turning every day to keep it even and well marinated.

I’m going to leave it all marinating and whatnot for the next week then I will make the balls which will dry for three weeks. Hopefully they will be ready in time for my store’s grand re-opening. (More on that later).


  1. Wow. Just wow. I bet your kitchen smells amazing! I hope they turn out just as you want them to.

  2. I love reading about your crafty makings using natural ingredients.
    I look forward to your shop re-opening....any idea when that will be??

    1. My shop sort of has stuff in it at the moment but not what I really want (dropshipping stuff), I am aiming for a proper Mabon launch as Mabon is my absolute favourite Sabbat (and also near my birthday lol). So round then - hopefully.


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