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I know I keep mentioning my store so I thought I would do a couple of posts on it. This first one is sort of exploring the background of why I wanted to be a Pagan seller in the first place and how I found the experience. My second post will be about where I am now, how it is all coming together and when everything will be ready…. Hopefully.

A few years ago I decided to open my own store, originally an eBay store, selling herbs, candles, incense packets and a few other bits n bobs. I was a bit of an eBay addict and there wasn’t too many people doing the witchy thing on there. I wanted my path to be an extension of other areas in my life, I wanted to do something I was passionate about and enjoyed. I was still working then (at Coles) and thought of it as a hobby, something to do on the side before it boomed into this massive eBay business that would be my primary source of income…. Yeah, didn’t happen. I was actually doing okay, had my little 15 herb kit – there was some one selling a kit with 25 but I had the much coveted Mandrake Root in mine. I also did little altar kits with a smudge stick, herbs, charcoal, candles etc, I really was making a little bit of money and having a great time of it. Until the market became competitive. My little altar kit seemed to spark a revolution in new sellers who were in a better position than I to afford more things – so along came large altar kits and 40 herb kits and I really couldn’t compete. Business dried up and eventually I was left with a mish mash of stock that I couldn’t move…. I did eventually because I chucked it all into one large kit and sold it, made a little money on it too which was nice. By this time however, I had decided to shut down my eBay store. The fees for having a store cost more than I was making. So that dream died.

In the interim I had set up a free store with Intelliworks. I never put much effort into it initially and then I went a little mad putting a thousand dropship items in it and it got a little much to handle. So I scaled back and to be fair and honest, gave up, moved on to different things. Then the last year or so happened, heartache, pain and a souring of the spirit and floundering of the soul. I didn’t even think about my store to be honest – it was empty anyway. I was empty. Passion is sometimes hard to get back once you’ve lost it.

There were days I just didn’t care. I was looking up something one day and came across Etsy. I wasn’t too familiar with it, I mostly thought it was for handcrafted crocheted stuff, not particularly an interest of mine but
I got to looking and found there was a plethora of wonderful handcrafted Pagan items on there. It got me to thinking; this was a market I could perhaps corner in Australia. If you look, a lot of the sellers don’t ship to Australia for whatever reason – partly the nature of the products I suppose – especially the handcrafted wood things – we have very strict Customs. I do believe to some degree this also goes for the ointments and whatnot. Anyway, I started to feel my passion begin to rise, my interest begin to spark and the forming of ideas beginning. I wanted to have a go at making things, crafted things that actually meant something as opposed to the wholesale mass produced things that are mostly on offer now. I’m beginning to find my lust for making this my path in life and business now, partly I think because I finally got my Herbal certification and I felt better about myself, more confident.

So where does this leave me now? Crafting my little butt off. Making things to sell, getting other things ready, letting things marinate together to create a better experience. I’m getting there slowly, every day I do a little more. Try something new and see where it leads me. Because it is such a niche market there it can be hard work to really get yourself and your business out there. I’ve been thinking about doing some YouTube videos, not because I particularly have any dream of being some ‘Guru’ (don’t you hate the ones who get on there thinking they are the Final Voice on the Craft?) but because it will put a face to the name perhaps? Maybe show a little of who I am, I don’t want a Facebook page and if I can avoid it I will because I’ve seen too many witch bitchin and complaining of co-opting and copying and just general character assassinating to want to open myself up to that. If I make a Flying Ointment or something, I don’t want some one else’s minions going hell for leather over using the idea of some one else who might be making them. I don’t need that headache; I have enough going on to give my own self one. :)

Oh I forgot to say what my store was called…how daft am I? My store is called Cauldron of Nephthys. It came from being inspired by the Goddess when it came time to choose my magical name upon initiation into the tradition I was a part of. Although I had never worked with her, the name came to me and I really liked it and it worked. So that is how my business got its name. Nephthys is Wife to Set, Mother of Anubis and Sister to Isis. She is considered one of the ‘darker’ Goddesses on account of her being an Egyptian Goddess of Magic, Dreams, Divination, Intuition, Secrets, Metamorphisis, Death, the Unseen World, Darkness and Hidden Knowledge and she is associated with the Earth, fertility and change. Anyone who is familiar with Egyptian mythology would likely be familiar with her as well.

Anyway I’ll leave it there for now but look soon for a post on where I am now, when I’ll be offering things for sale etc.


  1. Love your work :o) I hope you can make it all happen this time, I'm sure you are more confident with completing your Herbal course....

  2. PS...I've registered with your store, waiting patiently :o)


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