Mabon Altar

It's not as fancy as years past, but it still encapsulates the holiday I feel. I adore my little cornucopia candle holder - found it in an op shop for 50c. The candle in the top left hand corner was from a collection of handmade aromatherapy candles I bought on eBay - it was my first ever eBay purchase actually. The tomato is from our Black Russian Tomato plant (we had a very abundant crop this year) and I do love my witch candle.

I see Mabon as the beginning of the season of the Witch. It is the harvest time, the darker part of the year, the spirit calling the witch's soul, at least this witch's anyway. I can't wait for the season to progress, to see the change, to feel the cool, to welcome the longer nights. This is my favourite time of year.

I'm not sure if anyone else felt it, but today there felt a change in the air, positive, as though the season was actually changing over right then. The Equinox holds some power today I think.