My Store #2

I just realized I kind of really went on and on in my previous post about my store, I tend to do that, I’m a rambler, I’m a tangent lover, I do eventually get back to my point but I take the scenic route. I’ve been working on putting things together for my store; it’s an interesting creative process to be sure, I’ve never actually had to really think on this type of scale before because I had always just sold herbs or candles or generally put in dropship items. I like the challenge though. On the front page of my site I have written:

Welcome to Cauldron of Nephthys. Inside the Cauldron you will find an array of handcrafted and carefully selected items to add to your magical and spiritual practice. Cauldron of Nephthys is a store for those of us who feel called to the Wild Places, who work with nature's energies and feel the pull of the Earth within our selves and souls. We craft with nature's bounty and revel in working with our hands. We are witches who run in the woods, play in the dirt and dance in the rain.”

And I really want this to be my business motto (although it has been a loooong while since I’ve been able to dance in any sort of rain – damn summer!), I really do want to only work with as natural as possible materials. My first big purchase within this new direction was a selection of Certified Organic and Wildcrafted herbs. I will be selling these in individual 20gm packets as well as using them to craft my products. I’m also going to be making smudge sticks – Rosemary for now as this is the herb I have most in abundance.

The kinds of things I have and am also working on so far are:

Smudge Sticks (Rosemary to start but later adding in Mugwort, Sage and Lavender)
Thrice Infused Oils (Wormwood and Mugwort so far – Mandrake to come)
Kyphi Incense Pellets (handmade from organic/wildcrafted materials)
Selection of Herbal Incenses
Black Salt

Selection of 20gm bags of organic and wildcrafted herbs
Four Thieves Vinegar
using herbs out of my garden
Candles (made from Beeswax and Parrafin wax to give it a harder base)
Herb starter kits with charcoal tablets (maybe 15/20/25/30 herb lots? Not sure yet)
Flying Ointment (I’m also thinking individual Mandrake and Mugwort Ointment , perhaps Faery also, but I’ve not decided yet)

I am considering other options but so far this is what I’ve come up with and have the time to work on. I think starting small is perhaps the best idea and I shall go from there. I just hope that Aussie witches want artisan witchcraft products.

My tentative opening date is March 20/21st as this Mabon, the Autumn Equinox and my absolute favourite sabbat (also a few days away from my birthday)!  Autumn is the Season of the Witch and I am really quite excited!