Re-Launching Cauldron of Nephthys

The store is now open and full of new and exciting bits and pieces. I've got infused herb oils, loose herbs, incense mixes, kyphi, tinctures, readings and more coming soon.

Everyone please take a look and let me know what you think, I'm always open to suggestions and opinions, after all, I can only improve everything right?

Time got away so the ointments and a few other things aren't in yet, but hopefully over easter other things will begin to be put in the store!

(I tried to link the pic but it wouldn't work - so the highlighted link is the one to go to).


  1. Your site is looking great Stacey.....
    Can't wait until I need a few things and I will definitely stop by and purchase some items...

    1. Thanks! I'm excited, hopefully everything goes well!!

  2. That's a beautiful book!!!


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