#16 The Forest Witch

I’ve been making steps on my Forest – encouraged by The Forest Witch. I have planted seeds of Hawthorn and Blackthorn, patiently waiting for them to awake from their slumber. I have seeds stratifying in the fridge of Juniper and Rowan. I have been exploring what it means to be a caretaker of such a space, and I also think that I am beginning to understand where my path – both magically and mundane – is meant to go.

I’ve also purchased The Green Man Tree Oracle (image of one card above) because it speaks to me of the forest and it is beautifully presented, as a mediation tool for my Herbal Altar project (more to come on that) it will be most helpful. I’m probably considered barmy for trying to create an English style forest in the middle of SA where the summers are hotter than Hades and barely conducive to growing anything half the time (although times are a-changing, autumn and winter were/are very wet this year). But I feel this is something I must do.

The Forest Witch stands among the trees holding her basket of fruit, hand stretched toward the Owl. Wisdom and strength within the natural world; this is what I see when I look at this card. She holds her basket of wildcrafted edibles, her look natural and at ease with the environment around her. She is but one of many spirits who wonder the woods, who experience the energy of the Old Ones and she is not afeared of their darkness, she sees the balance of that darkness with their light and she accepts that she is a steward of the forest, her soul lives there with all the creatures and beings that walk the winding paths of bramble, soil and herb.