Card #16 The Forest Witch

It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything with the Witch cards, but I’ve decided to give them another go and move forward with this project. I had every intention of continuing on with it, but got quite caught up with mundane things. I will have an update the Silver Moon Witch card but my new card is The Forest Witch. I actually have two cards I’m working with, they both presented themselves to me and I will write about that one also.

The Forest Witch meaning is “The Forest Witch is a reminder that a little fear can help you keep to the safer path. Enemies, dangers, poisons and demons lurk in the forest’s foliage. There, the clear reasoning in your subconscious is blocked by the sunlight.

A ray of light illuminates a situation that has cast you into delusional darkness. Your way ahead becomes bright and clear through news you hear. Career, love life and travel prospects are about to change with one letter, telephone call, email or meeting.”

Isn’t that interesting? I must protest the delusional darkness part, I’m not particularly delusional about anything – that takes a level of commitment I just don’t have. The second part sounds positive; I’m interested in seeing if that unfolds but this time, I think the card is indicating something else that is going on in my life. I’ve been slowly moving toward creating wonderful things in my life, one of which is a forest (see where this going?) of my own with different trees and plants and ground covers. I have a block of land, or will have once the paperwork is done and here I am going to plant plenty of trees, I am even considering creating a hedgerow with Hawthorn, Elder, Blackberry and perhaps Rosehips – although I think the proper plant name for rosehip is Rosa canina or Dog Rose – not even sure if I could get it in Australia, something to check into.

Anyway, I think the Forest Witch card is indicating that this dream can be a reality – probably not one that will properly flourish or realise in my lifetime, but I figure I can get it started and see how I go. Although I know for sure the Oak most definitely will reach its pinnacle way past my lifetime – they are especially slow growing. I will do a blog post about the trees I’ve selected and the block of land shortly.

The Forest Witch has also come at a rather opportune moment as I also begin to come to some realisations about my spiritual journey, all in all I think this card is here at the right time, working with it will surely be an interesting experience.