#4 The Cauldron Witch

I’m making inroads to a more healthy me – baby steps. I try to drink fruit juice every day (organic if possible) and eat at least one piece of fruit. Come rain or shine I also try to walk down to the mailbox to get the mail. It’s a process. I’ve been cleaning too, trying to work out what is necessary and what is not.

I saw a Crow today, beautiful big beast it was. I love crows – and on the card the Witch has her own crow on her cauldron and a toad on her shoulder. She drinks of her own brew, happy to imbibe with her own creations. I’ve always wanted a toad skull. I find the energy of a toad interesting and intend on getting one to go with my crow skull. I think the message of this card is to begin to work the magic and medicine of the toad and crow, as well as the magic and medicine of my own making. It’s time to explore my knowledge and begin to live the life I truly wish to have.


  1. I like this card very much...it speaks to me!!
    Baby steps are good steps to take - that way they become natural in the end...
    Much health to you my dear xx


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