More Pagan Conflict

I was reading an article which lead to another and to another and came across this article on Patheos. It seems nowadays there is this whole thing about being hard polytheists or atheist theists or looking at Gods as abstracts rather than sentient beings. There seems to be discussion that turns into mudslinging, arguing and every other juvenile behaviour you could think of.

Are we really at a point now where those who worship/work with the Gods as sentient beings think less of those who work with them as abstracts and vice versa? The whole point of Paganism (and do correct me if I'm wrong) is that it allows flexible and creative thinking when it comes to our own personal spirituality. Since when has it become that one must follow in with the masses and believe as others do or we're wrong? When has it come that if one believes the Gods are real, then those who don't are wrong? When has it come that we all spend time attacking each other over things that, quite frankly, are no one else's business but our own.

Yes, I know by putting it out there in social media we invite comment and discussion but how does that devolve to criticism and mudslinging? Just because some one allows for comments on their blogs, does that automatically mean you can attack what they believe because it is different from your own path? If a person is brave enough to share their journey, I think some respect for that choice is in order. I've read blogs that I've not necessarily agreed with but I've never posted something hateful or inflammatory simply because I can. I respect that person's belief and their right to have that belief and post about it if they choose to. It is not my right to be critical and push my version of right or correct on them.

Lately it seems that everywhere Pagans are at each other over the most ridiculous things. Kind of makes me glad I am not on Tumblr or Facebook groups that do this. I have my little corner of the social media world with my blogs and I am quite happy there, no need on my end to go out there and start trouble....


  1. This is the reason why I have left a number of Pagan sites, I was sick of being told I was wrong in my beliefs...I too (stupidly) thought that being a Pagan meant that my path was my own and everyone else's path was theirs - there is no right or wrong - there is what works for you.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however - that does not make it right for said people to berate other people with their opinions, just because they feel they can...sometimes I think the internet has given a voice to too many idiots!!


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