Mercury is in retrograde and although it tends to freak people out, it’s given me an opportunity to re-evaluate some things. MiR is a time for reflection, re-organisation and intuitiveness, and I’ve been feeling all of these things lately, has anyone else? MiR is from 26 June to 20 July, so plenty of time to reflect, regroup and plan ahead. Mind you, my internet is being a right royal pain.

As you know, earlier in the year I was much excited about revamping my store with all new wildcrafted and organic herbs and various artisan products made from the different herbs. I was quite enthusiastic and spent a lot of time getting things organised and put together. I am still passionate about this and will throw myself into new things once the retrograde has passed, but during this time it has come to my attention that my business name no longer resonates with me. I don’t think that it represents me or my path. Cauldron of Nephthys I think no longer applies.

Originally I chose the name because it was in step with my initiation name back when I was initiated into the Firefly Tradition. Back then the name held great importance and I was also still mildly Wiccan; the store was filled with dropship items – cauldrons, cloths etc – and so therefore my very Wiccan store got a very Wiccan name (seriously, there are quite a lot of stores out there with ‘cauldron’ in the title). Joining the word ‘cauldron’ and part of my magical name seemed like a great idea and it was - at the time.

Now I am not remotely Wiccan nor do I wish to sell mass-produced witchy things, I want to move toward a very definite artisan product based business, I want it to reflect my path and my love of all things herbal and green. I’m not sure what I am going to call the new store, but I have a few ideas. It will represent my green and hedge path, my wandering winding road. I have to prepare myself to say goodbye to Cauldron of Nephthys and embrace this new yet old venture. There is never any surety in life but I feel deeply this is the correct way to go. My business – because it is personal to me and spiritual based – should reflect the path I follow and the beliefs I have. So watch this space, information on the new store will be along soon with a new name and a new look!

I will also be moving toward creating my tradition a little more precisely, it’s all ideas and vagueness at the moment. I’m not sure it will ever have set tenants or rules because the Green Path is more of a solitary path, each who walks the green road walks it differently. I’m not even sure that a surefire tradition could be created but it’s something to try.

I’ve also got a couple of projects – besides my forest – in mind, not sure how they’ll come together yet, they’re mostly loose thoughts not yet formed into anything remotely resembling a proper idea.

I’m also writing my first ever non fiction book on witchcraft. I’m actually doing it as part of my ‘Complete an Extended Project’ module at TAFE. This will give me the motivation to actually do it and get it done in a reasonable amount of time. I’m keeping mum on the theme but hopefully I will have more to share soon.

Well, life moves on and changes do come, so it shall be interesting to see how this move forward goes. I am hoping beyond all that everything goes smoothly. I’m also doing very well on my Advanced Herbalism so very proud about that.


  1. Sounds like you are doing just fine during MiR, and getting things organised to your satisfaction. Looking forward to seeing the end results of your many changes. Congrats on staying the course on your goals! Well done lady. :-)

  2. sounds like your head is buzzing with lots of new ideas and projects...good on you for going forward in your path...a lot of people do stagnate and don't venture any further, but you - you're grabbing life by the balls and going for it....
    I can't wait to see what name you come up with for your store!!
    Are you going to self publish your book?
    Busy Blessings to you my friend!!


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