Herbal Altars

I’ve been considering how to best connect with the herbs and plantlife I want to work with, and I’ve come up with an idea for a herb altar, although strictly speaking it will encompass trees and flowers also.

My idea is to have an image of the herb (likely using my Druid Plant and Green Man Tree Oracle), some of the dried or fresh matter of the herb and seed, if I have seeds for the particular plant. This will allow me to work with an image of the herb as well as it physical form and beginner form, I feel this is important for understanding the herb overall.

I’ve begun to journey a little more, when the overwhelming tiredness doesn’t interfere (health issues), I’m getting better at it and I would like to be able to interact with the spirit of plants on this level as well. This is a new level to my practice and I suppose would be considered plant shamanism, I quite like that idea. Working toward something like this I hope will build my practice and not just spiritually but also in my practice as a herbalist (when using herbs not toxic or poisonous of course).

It’s something new to try and I already know what herb I will be using – the illusive and mysterious Mandrake Root, a herb that has always fascinated me.


  1. I do so enjoy reading about your Journey.
    Sending Healing thoughts your way (I can fully relate to the tiredness - I seem to be tired ALL the time - even if I have had a long sleep!!)


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