The Mandrake Project Revamp

The Mandrake Project has fallen by the wayside since it's early inception last year, I've made a commitment to try and really get back into it, especially since two of my mandrakes have come back up and are doing wonderfully well. It is my determination to successfully grow Mandrakes but they can be notoriously difficult to germinate and grow. All Rare Herbs even have their germination difficulty as 'challenging'. For the Aussies, All Rare Herbs sell Officinalis and Autumnalis.

Here are my two babies!

I'm stratifying 3 kinds at the moment, Officinarum, Autumnalis & Turcomanica

The Turcomanica was given to me by a wonderful lady in the U.S who is as passionate about the Mandrake as I am (although I think she may be more so on account of she actually grows them and loves them - I'm starting over again, with the same passion.)

The Turcomanica is floating a little, I think this is because they are fresher seeds.

But I'm persistent, hopefully the other two kinds grow and stratify.

I've made some decisions about my journey on the Poison Path and how it relates to where I am now but that is a blog post for another time. I am so enthusiastic about my Mandrakes this time, I am hoping for a wonderful success rate.


  1. Good luck to you with your Mandrake!!


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