Changes #2

I wrote about changes previously in a post and I am now moving forward with some of them. I had considered pulling down By Bone and Bane – I still might but I've found myself put back on the Poison Path so I may continue to post on there. I think it’s a division thing, I post on my Tarot blog and also post some of the things from my tarot blog here, I think I will do that with my bane blog. Everything bane will be posted there, but will also be posted here since The Country Witch’s Cottage is the blog that covers all aspects of my path and life. 

What precipitated the consideration of pulling that blog down was that I almost felt like I don’t really do anything with it and was thinking that although there is a road along the poison path for me to walk, it is not necessarily going to be the larger part of my practice. It has changed slightly, they will be a part of my path, but I've discovered, of the banes, Mandrake is my passion and the herb that calls to me the most within the poisonous road, so this is where I will focus my attention. I've planted some more bane seeds and hopefully they come up and we shall see where I go from there,

I also want to grow more Mandrakes, I want to work with them and know some of their spirit and power. I also want to grow them on a larger scale to be able to sell them to other witches who have a connection to this plant but are unable to get a hold of one – this is long term though. For now I am going to concentrate on the Mandrakes I have growing for me. 

I am also going to close my Cauldron of Nephthys blog – as I am going to be changing my business name and re-sorting this area of my life, it no longer serves a purpose. I’m not revealing what my new business name is yet but I won’t have a blog for it I don’t think. 

I’m also in the early stages of creating herbal products for my soon to be herbal business. It will be small with only a few herbs and herbal products to begin with. I don’t want to get in over my head and find myself making too much. It would get a little expensive if I did this. So just a few tinctures, ointments, salves and whatnot to get me started; I’m hoping to have this up and running by the spring. I've discovered that I want to be more of a Wisewoman herbalist than a proper clinical herbalist, I prefer working with herbs in a more organic way, of feeling them and how they wish to be used. I am quite inspired by ‘Grow Your Own Drugs’. 

Anyway, so the changes are happening, slowly but surely. I’m moving forward with baby steps, letting things progress organically, how it’s meant to. I think this is a much healthier approach than trying to do everything all at once. But right now, I am going to go and finish off my Gobo Box for my first mandrake that is growing quite nicely this season.