New Herb Garden

I've been herb shopping again, couldn't help myself, springtime brings out the plant fiend in me!

So what did I buy?

For the Aussie Witches - I got these herbs from Mudbrick Herb Farm Cottage - their prices are reasonable and their postage rates not too bad. I generally get most of my herbs from them.

This is where the plants will end up once I get off my butt and actually weed it. This is under our Oak tree, I've been wanting to herbify this area for some time now, the impetus to do so is I have 8 herb plants that can't stay in their pots forever! I think it will look lovely, the burdock won't be going there, apparently it doesn't do too well near Oak, so I think I'll move my Valerian and Echinacea if or when it comes back up this year and put the burdock where they were. It seemingly likes plenty of space so we'll see how it all goes!


  1. I must admit I have been buying a lot of herbs the last couple of weeks too...thanks for the link to Mudbrick Herb Farm....I'm going to be spending some more money I can see...LOL.
    I hope you are keeping well CW - isn't it great to see the sunshine again :o)


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