Week Ahead Reading

Monday 2nd September

18 - The Moon

Trust instincts, subconscious manifested, creativity, psychic

Dreams, intuition, and/or psychic experiences will come unexpectedly. This is a time when you act on impulse without thinking things through. People who deal in illusion are drawn into your circle. Secret enemies are at work. Your negative and illusionary thinking are disrupting your progress

TGW: Psychic awareness, dreams and visions are eluded to in this card, with the path passing between polarities, so one may walk between the worlds while yet remaining grounded, as with astral travel. To the Witch, this card relates to the cauldron of the Esbat, used with water for divination, or as the avenue through which spells are transformed from energy and visualization into physical presence.

Ace of Pentacles

Commercial success, prosperity, material attainment, promotion

A prosperous new cycle is now beginning. Material success is now within your grasp. With a little effort, this time could be the beginning of a profitable career.

TGW: This is a card of material goods, business ability and fruits of labour realized. Success in finances or secure income may play an important role in the reading.

9 – The Hermit

Wisdom, seeker, guide, personal growth, changing times

This card may represent a loner or one who prefers periods of solitude. A counselor or teacher gives you sound advice. Rethink your goals after giving the situation much thought; use all practical resources to come to your decision. Pull back from your frantic round of activities or your health and happiness may be harmed.

TGW: For the Witch, this card relates to the beginning and the ending of the solar year at the Winter Solstice of Yule, with the wise old Holly King departing with a wry smile to his Younger self, the Oak King, knowing the cycle of life and the lessons learned will be repeated through human generations as it is yearly for the God

Now the Justice card makes sense – I did a reading first for the week ahead but the Justice card came up, making little sense to me because I am not facing, in danger of facing nor approaching any sort of legal matters that I can think of. But should business be going ahead as it suggested in this reading perhaps contracts of some kind are in the offering – who knows? The key words for Justice are: Objective, balanced, fair, ethical, and prevailing in a legal matter. Looking at it in a standard type way, perhaps when approaching the new phases of my business, I will need to be balanced and ethical as well as objective. It’s something to think about I suppose – my dad suggested I might win the lottery – now that kind of relation to the card I could certainly get down with!

So onto the reading itself, the Moon card is always a curious thing to me, but I always tend to read it more for it’s psychic value than it’s meaning of deception. I am working on my psychic abilities – I recently purchased a book called ‘The Book of Magick Power’, it has plenty of practical exercises for working on your abilities. I’m not far into it but it’s not too bad so far. I’m also trying to do more practical witchery, like spellcasting, so if my efforts create my goals manifest, I will be a very happy little witch. I feel as though I lack in the psychic ability area and although it is not necessary for a witch to be so, I feel like it will definitely deepen my connection to the world around me and also give me more strength within my Craft.

The Ace of Pentacles is always lovely, who doesn’t wish for success in their endeavours? I most certainly do, and since I am working toward that goal, I sincerely hope this card reads true and my efforts are successful. Although for the most part, what I do, I do for personal pleasure as well as to help people, one of my changes forthcoming is I wish to make this part of my life overall. Being a Witch, it is not what I do but who I am and so therefore I want it to be one of the major aspects of my life alongside my Herbalism career wise.

The Hermit – straight off I do identify ‘This card may represent a loner or one who prefers periods of solitude’ – that would be me. I much prefer my own company to getting out and being more social, I’ve always been this way and the only way I would look to change it is to create a coven or circle. I wouldn’t say I’m in the middle of frantic activities but I do have a lot on my plate with more forthcoming – mostly of my own doing so I do need to re-evaluate those goals and see if there is a better way of going about achieving things without sending myself completely mental. I am wondering if the Oak King plays into the reading from last week when it mentioned Cernunnos and the forthcoming happiness – although I think it is also because as I look out the window, I see our wonderful Oak beginning to get his leaves, sprouting forth and welcoming spring. I love spring, I do, but I mourn winter because I much prefer that season to the dastardly heat that is not too far away.

Overall this reading pretty much envelopes where my life is right now, I wouldn’t say there are any huge surprises but the idea of legal matters is curious. Moving forward I really do want to work on my abilities and my businesses and move forward in a positive fashion. Also if my spellcasting comes manifest I will be very happy because it shows I am growing in personal power which is always a great thing.