Week Ahead Reading

Monday 23rd September

The Nautilus Princess

Powerful personal growth.

I know I am strong but most people think of me as gentle, kind and good. Now I am to be the Ruler, what if they see me as power hungry, dominating, greedy or controlling? Whatever the thoughts of those around me, there will be change as I change, and I will continue to hold fast to my nautilus, as it ever reminds me to grow in ways that are in tune with my purpose, my integrity and what I feel is right. I vow to be steadfast and true, despite the challenges that are heading my way. I vow not to mis-use my power. But use it I will, and as a result I, like you, will grow in ways that are in tune with my true self, and true purpose.”

The Snow Angel

The signs are with you already.

Hmph! There. If they miss that sign, I really don’t know what will convince them. Maybe I should just stand here a while and wait till they notice me, point to the sign, flap my wings, and then they’ll believe that it is really a sign. I leave signs for all to see, clear indicators of my presence, and even make my shape in this cold snow, but again and again they ask, Where are my angels? And here I am. I will continue to leave my mark, in the snow, with a feather falling from the sky, the gentle voice that speaks to you at night, and even in the gentle prod I may give you from behind. But stop asking for signs! You have received so very many, and none of them will be seen or acknowledged until you are willing to believe that we are always with you.”

Autumn Is My Last Chance

Please don’t lose hope!

I keep waiting for help, for hope to come, but all about me is cold. I cannot find what I am looking for, and indeed, I can barely remember what it is I was in search for before I got so lost. I am cold, and alone, and no-one is with me. But I know I have this apple and that when I truly need it, I will eat it and all will be well.”

Interesting mix of cards, they all tie into one another which is great because sometimes that doesn’t necessarily happen. If I was to run them together in one brief summary I would say the reading is telling me that challenges and changes are on the way that will truly form part of me and direct me toward my purpose, that power is at hand and although I keep searching for it the signs are already there as to the where and how of it,  but I keep thinking that I need some one else to come in and save the day, make it all happen when the truth of it is, the person who makes it happen is me.

I’ve never gotten the first card in a reading before, I imagine as I make the changes in my life I am making, certain things will happen, some of it challenging but will ultimately lead me to my power and to my life purpose. It’s an interesting thought that people could perceive me as power hungry and domineering, I’m not any of those things, people do see me as kind and quiet, I am but it is not the whole of me, perhaps whatever changes will be wrought, it will just change people’s perception of me, but as I’ve stated before, I don’t really care what people think of me necessarily, I mean, I wouldn’t want people to think I’m evil or nasty because I’m certainly not, but on the whole, in every day life, what people may or may not think of me is not something I think of. For the most part as long I live my life not harming others and I’m happy being me.

I think the Snow Angel is fairly firm in her message. Wake up and pay attention, the signs are with you, just get your head out your rear and look. I understand her well, time to time we all want signs to slap in the face hardcore so we know what they are and as they don’t, we begin to not believe, to not see what may be there in a more subtle way. Not everything is going to hit like a hammer I suppose but instead gently work its way into our every day awareness. I sometimes feel like there is no one there looking out for me, I sometimes feel like Spirit is no longer there and is off making some one else’s life fabulous. Its human nature to doubt, dismiss and disbelieve but this card is telling me that if I do so, then I will never see what is there. Brings to mind the saying ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’.

The last card is like a reverse fairytale, the princess has got to strap on her boots and save herself cos ain’t no man coming round the mountain to do so. It’s time for this witch to stop saving stuff for the in case and begin to use it now, to begin to live life and eat the apple now!

Overall I think the reading is part kick in the pants, part guidance and part warning. It will be interesting to see how things progress from here.


  1. I've just bought this deck two days ago and I am totally in love with it. The Nautilus Princess Is just wonderful. Her message is for so many women out there Day by day we are becoming more and more are true self, when we release our inner strength


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