Celtic Astrology Pt 1

I came across something on Facebook awhile ago called ‘Celtic Astrology’ and I was curious about it. It is the Celtic version of the Zodiac using trees as birth signs so I decide to check mine out and see if it matched to who I was or if any of it was relevant.

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 My Sign is the Alder. The Alder personality, according to Controvercial, is:

Astrologically, Alder people (i.e. those who were born in the month of March to April) are like the Phoenix—they rebuild after each defeat or set back.  Being psychically aware, they tend to be oracles, but they need to be careful not to abuse their gifts.  They can be brutal in their frankness, but are also kind.  They might sometimes be in need of protection spiritually because others will envy what they have and try to use it or take it from them.  As the Alder takes 30 years to mature, so too Alder people can be very immature, often making rash and poorly thought-out decisions for themselves.

It’s an interesting assessment. I actually agree with most of it, the last part about being slow to mature and making rash decisions is not necessarily who I am – on occasion yes, but I have always been much more of a procrastinator than anything else. I’m one of those people who think of every single outcome before making a decision – I’ll admit, I do sometimes become a bit trying to others because of it.

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Impetuous and self-reliant, Alders enjoy risk-taking and are tenacious workers. Being affectionate, gentle, charming and usually accommodating, they inspire great loyalty in others. Magnificent as entrepreneurs, Alder individuals are often flamboyant and frequently attracted to dangerous occupations. In friendship, their personal ego rides high but they possess a need for recognition which often makes them vulnerable. They are great competitors but, if on the losing end, have the tendency to quit and try something new instead. If an Alder can be convinced to channel his or her energy into humanitarian causes, then he or she will be the type of person who is not easy to forget. Psychologically, the Alder is uncomplicated and will usually express any opinion quite openly. With a passionate nature and an inherent desire for love, they are apt to marry quickly but usually make better sweethearts than they do spouses, given their need for personal freedom. As parents, however, they rank among the best than can be found. It is important for Alder individuals to learn the art of diplomacy or they are prone to waste energy in fruitless disputes.

I don’t know if I would necessarily consider myself as being magnificent when it comes to being an entrepreneur but I do like to try to do my own thing and see where it will take me. I love that is says ‘they are apt to marry quickly’ because I never have any intention of getting married – it may change but as it says above ‘given their need for personal freedom’. I’ll be the first to admit that I can be utterly selfish, but I consider it more of a ‘conditional’ selfishness. I’m not sure that I quit if I’m on the losing end of something, but I will admit to a very short attention span, if things don’t keep my interest, I let them go and move on to something else. It’s not wholly practical especially when it comes to getting things finished but it is what it is. 

I do and will express an opinion openly, sometimes its not what someone wants to hear and it can get me in trouble but I am who I am. Overall, as with most birth sign assessments, there are parts that are me and parts that are not me. I think birth signs give a good overview of some one’s possible personality but it’s not always necessarily true to the last word of everyone.