Green/Hedge Witch Altar Project #2

A bit late in coming but the Green/Hedge Witch altar project is fairly well complete. I had some decision making to do but I’ve come up with what suits and can be built on for now I think. I have two altars – my indoor altar and my outdoor altar. 

My Outdoor Altar

My outdoor altar is quite simple, it’s not fancy or out there, I prefer simple because this is representative of my practice. Some will remember I got a beautiful altar table for my birthday, this has become my permanent outdoor table, on it I added the candle I made some time ago, as it is an earth candle I thought it entirely appropriate. It sits in a terracotta bowl, rounding out the altar is a tile, a green incense holder and my herbal incense burner. One idea I had was to add a little English box hedge seedling (Buxus sempervirens). 

Why you ask? It represents what I am trying to achieve spiritually. The hedge is a physical representation of the spiritual hedge, it represents my path as a hedge witch, it is green – a living thing which represents the spirit in all things but especially the spirit of the Green Path and all those who dwell along those roads, and finally, it is an English Box Hedge, a connection – however tangible or not – to my English ancestors and my interest in creating my own English wood. It speaks right now of everything that is evolving as it relates to my path. It will sit and quietly grow within its pot, sharing my journey with me. I am not going to stunt its growth in a pot once it gets too big, and I will replace it with another plant, flower or herb that has significant meaning for me. But for now my little hedge will sit on my altar reminding and motivating me to continue the journey I am on.

My Indoor Altar

My indoor altar is a back to basics kind of deal because I don’t actually use it all that much compared to my outdoor altar. On it is a representation of each element but based in a green/herbal context. For example, my altar candle is green and made up of earth herbs and scented with patchouli oil, so although it represents fire, it is still very much earth related. My ‘earth’ representation is a terracotta dish with pink Himalayan salt and earthy herbs. I have a large quartz crystal and a stick of incense as well as a little pentacle and my herbal charm bottle. All of these elements together connect me to my spirituality. 

I also have a small oak container as I identify with Oak as one of my spiritual trees, as well as a print out of two images from the Good Witch/Bad Witch deck that I use for my Witch Cards (I have been very slack there) and a write up that motivates me on my path. I have been thinking of getting one of those little indoor bamboo things to also put on my altar but my one of my cats has a bad habit of munching on any greenery indoors – she loves spinach.

My altar candle

Earth dish

Herbal Bottle Charm


  1. What a lovely idea to plant a seedling to inspire you to keep growing :)


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