Making A Witch Bottle

With the fires we’ve been having around here lately, I thought it may not be a bad idea to conjure up some magical protection. The last thing I want is for me and mine to be harmed by fire. As I look outside I can see that the flames are being reflected by the sun, the light of the day has a distinct orange tint. The clouds are lined with the grayness of smoke. A breeze blows and while it is a relief from the incessant heatwave we’ve been having, it is a nightmare for the firefighters out there trying to contain and put out the blaze. I ask everyone to take a moment to think of the firefighters trying to protect the district from burning down and think of the area being rained on in order for the fires to be put out completely. Because that is what we need right now, rain and a lot of it.

My protective item of choice is the witch’s bottle. The Witch’s Bottles has been around since at least the 15th century, used as an ancient form folk magic to ward off evil spirits and protect oneself from enemies as well as deflecting bad energies back to where they came from. Witches Bottles have been found in some unusual places during excavations and renovations of older properties. 

It is often made to help protect an individual and their home/property/family from evil entities, negative energies, curses and hexes. The best way to use a witch’s bottle is to bury it 12 inches deep in the farther most corner of your property or in a place that will remain undisturbed for years. If you are unable to bury it, keeping in the back corner of a closet or cupboard will work just as well; as long as the bottle remains unbroken, the magic will stay intact.

Traditional bottles contained all sorts of interesting items. Pins, needles, parts of animals, broken glass, human DNA, herbs, wine – the list goes on. Each person had their own interpretation of how it should be put together. I went for something very simple. Mine has the charms of a pentagram (protection), lock and key (to represent the home and unwelcome energies being locked out), a nail to prick anything that comes near that is not welcome, a thorn from the boxthorn to also prick and to discourage any natural energies that may not be welcome, salt for purification and protection, broken glass, red thread to bind enemies and negative energies and the herbs of bay and rosemary for their protective energies. I’ve not decided where to put it yet, but I am considering leaving it in the house in order for it to be focused on protecting the home and all who reside inside.

I have listed a couple available for sale in my etsy store.