My Mabon was pretty quiet, I like it that way because it is the sabbat that I feel most connected to and from it begins the season of the witch, autumn, my favourite season of all. My focal point was the cornucopia candle holder (got from an op shop how awesome is that?) and the Lady of the Harvest from the Faeries Oracle. I love this card because it represents the bounty that can be had during the coming season.


  1. I hope this seasons will bring you everything you wish for :D

  2. I hope you have a happy Mabon!! we just celebrated Ostara here in Canada :)

  3. I hope the coming months are most fruitful for you my witchy friend :o)
    Unfortunately, I could not celebrate as I was laid up in bed with a bad back - so I guess my Mabon was really quiet too……Many blessings to you :o)

  4. May your entire year be plentiful and full of light.


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