What I've Been Up To

I’ve been awfully quiet lately. It’s not intentional; I’ve found myself busier than usual; although I have made time to post lots of photos. I got a new camera for my birthday, it’s been a journey of discovery which of course I had to share – I’m not me unless I’m posting an epic amount of photos here. Life gets a little busy when you least expect it, hopefully things will be settling down for a short period, I have some things I need to catch up on.

I’ve been writing a fair bit, I’ve had some articles published and submitted others elsewhere with the hope of them being published. I’ve finished writing my second book. Both are introductory style books and more of a test to see if I could do it more so than any real intent to put them out there, but I am rethinking it; maybe what I’ve written will be of interest to other people. I’ve also been thinking up ideas for blog posts and further writing opportunities. I’ve had articles in a couple of Australian magazines, becoming a regular contributor which is nice so I have been considering creating a profile for my area. I want to understand the landscape around me a little better; I think sometimes it can be referred to as a genius loci profile or ‘spirit of place’. I’m going to try to create one that is perhaps a little more in depth simply because it would also be a valuable resource for my horticultural course.

I’ve been playing around with an idea of creating a line of incenses and smudges using native plants in my area. I’ll also be using plants not necessarily native, but grow rampantly, becoming part of the landscape like Silver Leaf Nightshade, Black Nightshade, Boxthorn and Datura. I’ve been considering creating a smudge out of native plants like Saltbush and loose incenses using fragrant plants like Wattle. So far the idea is in its infancy, I’m drying some of the plants to see how they burn and how they smell when they burn. I’ve found a herb can smell heavenly until you light it up, unfortunately some herbs smell less lovely when lit.

I’m also slowly turning my mind toward my straight herbal business. I’ve been wanting to create some herbal goodies for awhile now but time and other factors have prevented it. Moving into winter where time will be spent more indoors, I am hoping to focus my attention there. I already have some St John’s Wort tincture ready to go, I’m currently brewing an Elderberry Elixir and when the Nettle has grown a little more, I’ll be creating a tincture, hair remedies and teas with it. All ideas are yet to be fully formulated or tested but hopefully soon they’ll all be ready to go.

And I’m starting horse riding lessons. I’ve always loved horses and recently came across a school near to where I live (although “near” is relative in the country). I used to ride when I was younger so I am looking forward to getting back into it. Hopefully time and money will allow for it to become a regular thing. I’m quite excited; I’m really looking forward to it.

Now to fashion a nice sore muscle balm, I have a feeling I’m going to need it!


  1. Lovely to see a new post from you :)
    Out of curiosity why choose saltbush for smudging?
    Enjoy the horse riding!

    1. I think because it holds salt and from that offers up a good purification energy, I've got to dry some and try it out, see how it works.


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