Finding Your Mojo Spread

I've been rather lacklustre of late, and I wanted to get a little insight so out came the tarot cards. I came by this spread by way of Greylady's Hearth. I realised I don't post much tarot related stuff on this blog anymore since I create my tarot-specific blog but I'm going to try to post stuff more often. I decided to use my Wildwood Tarot for this spread because it is the one that I am most connected to (well this deck and my Dragon deck) and since it is more spiritually oriented, I thought it the best to go to for answers.

Finding Your Mojo

Card #1 (Here is where my mojo is hiding)

The Pole Star

The Pole Star of prophetic guidance and inspirational knowledge has risen and will guide you on your forthcoming journey through the forest”.

This is my Mojo, universal lore, higher spiritual knowledge and power. This is where I gravitate to when I need to find inspiration or understand something. Knowledge. Somehow I’ve disconnected myself from that and I was always at my happiest when learning and putting that learning into practice. I need to get back to the core of who I am and begin learning, allowing any growth I experience come from that powerful source – knowledge.

Card#2  (Here is what is getting in my way)

Nine of Bows – Respect

What is getting in my way is my lack of true dedication to the path I am walking. When I come to a challenge I tend to walk away rather than see the challenge through, simply because it is easier. I tend to lack self discipline and focus (a flaw I am well aware of) and allow negative thoughts to circumvent any action. I need to let go of the past and begin to apply myself to whatever I undertake in order to find the inspiration and motivation I currently lack.

Card#3 (Here is my solution. Do it now!)

Ace of Arrows – The Breath of Life

Follow through! That is what I need to do. Instead of leaving something and moving on to the next thing, I have to finish what I do. I have to get past my lack of confidence in my abilities and processes, the primal energy of the universe can be worked with, can be summoned to help create and I need to remember this. 

I am my own worst enemy I think is the general gist. I am the one who is capable of accomplishing my dreams but I get in my own way and fear failure. By letting go of this and seeing things through, whether or not they come out just right, is the first step to finding the passion and inspiration I lack. I love learning, and what is learning but doing and doing to the end whether you fail or succeed? 


  1. How great you've tried this out and found you Mojo in The Starlight
    When I saw the "Breath of life" I thought: Just Breath and take the first step!


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