The Beginnings of a Dream

As Mercury in Retrograde passes to its end, I find myself planning new and exciting ventures. Some time ago, I mentioned my dreams of pursuing the wisewoman path. It had seemed almost impossible, I had not the space nor did I truly believe I could do it. Now things are coming together in a fashion that will finally allow me to begin building my dream. First stop, my own little herbal studio. I’ve a mind on how I want the outside to look; I’m going for the old Victorian style. It just looks adorable and it suits me. My inspiration is the picture below, I think mine will look pretty similar by the time it’s done.

Original Here.

Original Here

This little studio will be my workshop, my sanctuary and the place where I can bask in the herby love. I’ll have my herbs all in jars in a bookshelf, labeled and ready to go, a small kitchen for crafting and creating remedies, and a sitting area that perhaps one day will become a consultation area. I’m very excited and I can’t wait to share this part of my journey with you. I think from time to time I will post things that catch my eye, that I think would be a fantastic addition to my new space. The project won’t be started for a few weeks yet, but I am hoping that once construction starts, it all comes together quickly.


  1. This is so awesome! It will be so beautiful. I am so glad you are going to live you dream :)

  2. Just reminds me of all the old houses we saw in New Zealand.....would be a marvellous place to work...have you seen Valerianna's studio on her blog (Ravenwood?)



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