New Blog

I've created a blog for my tiny house project called 'Stacey' Tiny House Project' (yes I know, massively original right?) to show the journey of the creation of my tiny house herbal studio. I was going to document it all on this blog but I thought, why not have something entirely devoted to the project, plus if other tiny house enthusiasts come across it, it's strictly on the tiny house and not everything else as well. The plan is to begin actually constructing the tiny house in the new year, the trailer is almost completed (I will be glad to never have to wire brush rust again, let me tell you) and painted, so once that's done, the building can begin!


  1. That is awesome, I love tiny houses. I will definitely keep up with your progress there.

  2. Interesting! I wish you the best of luck. I've been seeing a ton of them on Pinterest lately. New wave of housing.


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