PDU - New Year Witching

I’ve never really participated in these types of things before, I tend to get all enthusiastic and it wanes but here I am, giving it a go. Probably part of my New Year thinking process; giving things a go instead of shying away.

As for witching in the New Year, I want to be more connected to my spiritual path, my journey as both witch and herbalist somehow combining the two into a wisewoman path that balances both interests. I’m also wanting to see how far I can push myself spiritually because overall I’ve been a fairly lackluster individual when it comes to my path. I feel something pushing me forward, pushing at me to …. I don’t know, I’m not clear on that yet but I think really embrace the witchcraft path, more so than I have been anyway.

I’m not motivated at the moment, it’s too hot. And parts of the state are in a state of emergency due to the fires down south. Worst in 30 years, thankfully no human deaths so far but the loss of animal life has been heartbreaking and terrible.

I am looking at the new year with something akin to enthusiasm and purpose, figuring out the intricacies of what I finally want to do with my life.


  1. Happy New Year and good luck on your witching goals! Blessed be!


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