PDU – Lammas

(Bit late with my post)

I’m not generally one for the celebrating of Sabbats, I tend to do a family dinner and acknowledge that the seasons are changing, if I do celebrate the Sabbats, it’s usually the Solstices and Equinoxes but this year I think I’m going to give a shout out to Lammas. Why? Because this year I truly feel that we are beginning the harvest season. We’ve plenty of cherry tomatoes on the vine, chillies on the plant and radishes in the garden. The plants are flowering, the herbs growing strong and my black nightshades and daturas are flowering and developing berries and seeds.

Cherry Tomatoes

Breakfast Radishes

Plus the weather actually feels like it’s beginning to change. Yes, we’re probably in for some more hot weather, it’s natural here to have it but at the same time Summer has been incredibly mild which has meant the gardens have had time to do their thing (which is why the veg is going nicely). I’ve enjoyed this summer so far because it has been incredibly mild, I still have blankets on my bed (and believe me, as I sit here I am knocking every bit of wood around me to make sure my words don’t inflict epically horrendous summer weather on us for the remainder of February), and I’ve enjoyed a spate of wearing long pants (which I’d rather do than shorts) and in the evening, long shirts. We’ve been getting nights as cool as 12 degress celsius and it’s been fabulous (yes I’m knocking wood again). 

Amigo Chillies

Black Nightshade

I’ve planted seeds and put in seedlings of pumpkin (three varities), kale, beetroot, onion, silverbeet, baby spinach, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, corn, beans and peas, herbs aplenty (like peppermint and stevia), green manured a future herb plot (it’ll be my tiny house herb garden), some nice flowers, planted some trees and invested in a Youngberry that I firmly believe is not going to die (because of the lack of severe heat). I think nature is showing her cyclical nature. Twenty one years ago we moved here, we had plenty of rain in summer (which we’ve also had post Christmas) and the heat was never so bad as it has been the past ten years or so. We’re coming back round to a better time weather wise (I hope) and I’m enjoying it because it means this green witch can get outside and tend to healthy, happy plants that will be providing (hopefully) nicely for the next few months.

Datura inoxia


So Lammas, while I don’t normally celebrate you, I give you much respect for being such a mild (knocking wood) Summer sabbat and I truly believe the harvest season is beginning and autumn will soon be upon us in her resplendent nature.