Blooming Poisons

The daturas are blooming and forming their beautiful seed pods, the black nightshade berries are plump and ripe, so begins the season of the witch.

Datura inoxia flower

Datura inoxia seed pod

Datura inoxia flower blooming at night

The poison garden

My Daturas and Belladonnas

One of my Black Nightshades

Berries ready for the picking

I look at my poison garden, my Henbane has been harvested, my Belladonnas grow strong, my lovely Daturas bloom and seed, the Castors grow larger, the Yew new shoots, the Blackthorn bigger, Hellebore to be repotted - it is a beautiful sight warming the heart of this witch.


  1. Oh, they look lovely! In my neck of the woods the spring is coming soon and I can't wait for the plants to grow and get all green again...

  2. Beautiful datura! Castor grows wild here, and it's beautiful. I'm going to add its to my garden even though I can walk to the parking lot and pick it. There's just something about having your own plant. Thanks for sharing!


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