PDU - Autumn Equinox

Late again - I know, it's shocking but here I am, my entry ready nonetheless.

Autumn is my favourite season, the colours, the cooling weather, the smells - it all makes me feel like I'm in a very sacred place. Plus my birthday is during Autumn - actually just the other side of the Equinox as luck would have it so it all ties together. To me, it always does feel like the season of the witch, my senses tingle and I feel the urge to do more, explore more, learn more. I'm settling in to begin more crafting, herbal making, I'm planning to get my tinctures ready for the winter season and sorting out some more witchy adventures! I always feel more in tune during this season, it's like something in me clicks and I get more energy, I'm looking forward to the cooler weather so that I can begin taking my plans from theory to practical.

I spent this Equinox at a Pagan event, one I was quite involved in. My second year going, my first year being involved. It's a lot of fun with some really fantastic people. It's always hard for me to easily connect with people so it's great to be among those who think similarly. There was a ghost tour of a gaol, a nighttime ritual, daytime workshops (I presented two) and late night chatting. There were new friends made, steps made in solidifying friendships made last year. All around it was a wonderful way to spend the holiday and I'll certainly be looking forward to it next year!!