PDU – The Element of Water

The element of water is a curious one for me. I do love water but I also am hesitant of large bodies of water. I have a small pool for summer, I love long hot showers, the rain, I enjoy watching a river and can appreciate the vastness of an ocean but I’m not one who is drawn by the ocean. (The ocean in SA is very much a dangerous place on account of the Great Whites – they tend to be stealth, ninja sharks). I love nothing more than standing out in the rain in summer, watching it pour down and create rivers in the dirt, I love cold winter nights listening to it hit the roof in its rhythmic frantic tone and I love to go to sleep with the rain echoing on the roof. It touches something deep within me, a primal recognition in the soul.

Water is emotion, dreams, intuition, psychic ability, the Moon, the Feminine, twilight and dusk. It is the cauldron, the chalice, mirrors and the element we are all born from. It is a very powerful being, it can both heal and harm, cause unimaginable destruction or help things flourish, wet a parched soul and relieve drought. Like all the elements it has dual purpose, both creative and destructive. I do love it all the same. It’s supposed to rain here Monday, so if it does, I will be outside standing in it, thankful for the reprieve and hoping there is more to come as we move into the autumnal season.


  1. I like your take on water. You showed the emotions of water, yet also how wonderful it is to stand in the rain. Right now, I'm up to my ears in snow, so water is not necessarily my friend.

    Thank you for notifying me that I have won your Grow Your Blog gift. The lavender pinch looks lovely, but I'm not sure what others there are, even though I went to E-bay to try to find out.

    My e-mail doesn't work properly, so my neighbor has agreed to let me use her e-mail when I need to send a message. Look for an e-mail tomorrow from Linda-------- At juno dot com with the subject line "A message from Bleubeard and Elizabeth." Right now, she is asleep and wouldn't appreciate me (grin).


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