PDU – Favourite Craft Tool

I’m a bit late again with my PDU post – I’ve been so busy I’ve barely had time to sit down and think. I would say my favourite craft tool (and probably no surprise here) is herbs. I don’t know what I would do without them. I don’t really use any other tools if I’m being honest, although I love my card decks so they would also be my favourite craft tool. Herbs are powerful medicine whether you use the magically, medicinally or mundanely. They’re so ingrained in our way of life that sometimes we don’t even think about them when we use them (like adding a bit of chives to mash potato or paprika to colour your roast chicken). They can be as subtle as a gentle breeze or as brash as a gale force wind. They can be easy to grow or frustratingly hard (mandrake anyone?) to coax from the soil. They provide scent, colour, magic, healing and feed. 

I use herbs in so many different ways. Incenses, tonics, tinctures, ointments, teas, candles, the garden, healing and crafting; my garden has so many different herbs in it I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many, I’m even planning another herb garden in the future (it’ll be an accompaniment to my tiny house). I’m a herbalist so my passion runs deep and I feel herbs on a soul level. Magical, medicinal and all round fantastic, herbs are my tool of choice and my favourite craft tool overall.

(Yes this one is a bit short, I’ve been so busy but the next one is Autumn Equinox and I think that post will be a bit longer given I am co-hosting and presenting there).