The Green Path/World

There is a power in the land, one that runs deep and runs primal. It is voracious, strong and is the blood and bone of the Earth and all her dominion. She is guarded by beings walking in shadow whilst gathering the light, her Guardians are those who walk the Green Path, who hold sacred the forests and fields, tearing through anything that shows no respect, those who tread lightly understand her ways, her moods and her power.

The Wild Spirits, those without names, the Godly Beings from no pantheon who roam the green world, they are here, in our world, just outside of our world, straddling the veil, holding the very power of the green world in their hands. Do I know them? Do I have names for them? No. I see them as the Green Woman, the Green Man, the Lord of the Wild Hunt, The Lady of the Forest Shadows – I think that the names perhaps don’t exactly state their nature, but the truth of who they are remains hidden, to be experienced when the green world touches your own. Are they Fae? Are they Old Ones, before time, before speech, who owned the pathways of the land, who tender the energy within the soil beneath our feet, who tremble the earth and flood the plains, who can give and take on a whim, who grow the forests to hide their kin, to give freer roam to creatures and beings, who walk behind us, with us, in us? I cannot say, I dare not name them for who am I to give them names? They are primal, powerful and green. They are who we seek when we walk the green pathways. As a Green Witch and Hedge Witch I know on my twisted, winding road I will find them, I want to learn from them, I ask for their guidance, their wisdom to show me roads not yet traveled, roads I want to walk but almost fear to tread.

These powers are those that walk beyond borders, who create the borders, who guide wandering souls and show them the darker roads, the green roads, the powerful roads, they do not do so lightly nor do they show just anyone, you have to be a willing initiate, giving yourself over to the powers of the green world. It cannot be done lightly, for it is not a simple matter of partaking on occasion, this path is one you must be committed to, ready to open your soul, your heart, your mind to. There are no half measures, for the Green world is one that cannot be defined, but it can be experienced. And so too these powers, the Spirits and Gods of the Green world can be experienced, they show their faces in the leaves of a tree, the dew on the flower, the heady scent that permeates the senses as you walk through the garden.

They speak to you if only you would listen. Their whispers are on the wind, their spirit flows through the greenery in the world around you. They wait on the other side of the hedge, ready to take you on a journey. They wait on this side of the hedge, ready to show you the way. They are in the very core of our being, they know who we are before we do, they can sense our intent before we have formed it, they know our hearts and act accordingly. Do you speak to your plants? Do you hear their voices answering? Can you hold out your hand and feel the energy pouring forth from the leaf before you? Do you know the intent of the plant? Can you hear it singing to you? You have to be sure before you step into the green world for the shadows will devour you as the light shows you the way.

They are the Healers, the Poisoners, the Land and the Heart. They walk with us, within us and without us. They are the Eternal Gardeners who will tend the Green World for all time, who will walk always upon this Earth long after we are all but ash and bone. Have care when walking in the Green World, have care for if you misstep the Spirits, the Nameless Ones will tear you down, tear you apart and send you on your way. Show them respect and they will share with you their energies, their powers and their gifts, creating a powerful Green One who will know their world and feel at home in their domain.


  1. Beautiful! I'm a beginner on this path, at least on a conscious level, so in my search for inspiration and like-minded folk I can learn from, I came across your blog. I love the idea of the ''Green Path" . My current blog is at and explores my adventures as an earthmagic-healer & new age traveller, including conscious connection and ceremony in nature.


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