Who Is the Country Witch?

I am a herbalist (certified), writer and witch. I am a wortcunner and wisewoman. I am an initiated HP and sometimes teacher. I work with herbs crafting potion and lotions, oils and salves. I craft with wood and stone, paper and wax. I read tarot and oracle to divine the future. I work with the gifts of nature whether that be herb, flower, card, bone, bane or stone. I am a hedge witch, walking the twisted green roads using and growing the healing and baneful herbs of old. My nature as both witch and herbalist demand it. 

My Craft is very organic and intuitive; being a hedgewitch I hold to no set tradition or rules but create my own as I work and grow. Herbs are my passion, my love and my life. My path is that of the Green. The grass underneath my feet, the herbs I grow in my garden, the flowers blooming with scent, the Oak – old and wise – this is my temple, this is my place. I was raised, and still remain, in the country. It is the harsh, wild landscape of my life, both unforgiving yet nurturing, showing the complexities of the seasons and the stages of life cycles from the first greening of the land to the eventual decay as the cycle turns once more.

I have had an interest in witchcraft for the better part of 16 years. With supportive parents, at the age of 13 when I first became interested in witchcraft, I was able to explore that interest and grow in my knowledge. Coming into my twenties I began to study seriously and work toward initiation, I found a tradition to study in, I am now an initiated High Priestess, Elder and Pagan Clergy, although no longer a part of the same tradition. My path diverged quite dramatically from their tenants and beliefs.

I am intense at times, lazy during others. I love to read, to sleep and to write. I am opinionated, conditionally selfish, thoughtful and a book addict. I love to create beautiful gardens, read cards and play with herbs. I am a certified Herbalist, herbs are my driving passion and I have always had a love for them so this too has lead me on a journey to better understand the nature of plants and the spirits that live within them, and this dominates my path more so than anything else.

I do not make any claims of expertise or secret knowledge. I simply walk the twisted roads, exploring the path, experiencing the journey of the wild and green, learning as I go, adapting as I change and growing as I practice.

I have had articles published in Witches & Pagans MagazineThe Crooked Path JournalWildstar Forest, Australian Pagan Magazine and online. 

Blessings of the Green and Wild
The Country Witch

P.S You may also discover that my interests are wide and varied and it may come across as though I have multiple personalities. It’s mostly the curse of being an Aries – an easily distracted attention span……….