Monday, 18 November 2013

In the Garden









Kitchen Herb area #1


Friday, 1 November 2013

Taking A Break For A While

As needs must, I will be taking a break from my blog for a while, not overly long but then again, I’m not going to give a time frame because I really have no idea. Recently I’ve come to realise that there are things I need to explore on my own, not open to public scrutiny, things that, hopefully will become clearer as time passes. Yeah, that sounds kind of mysterious – like, but it’s not intended that way. I’m going to keep on with my tarot blog simply because I feel like that is something I can’t let lapse, divination takes commitment and time and it is an area with which I wish to grow stronger. It will be the same with my herbal blog.

There are several factors in my decision. I’m going through some health issues at the moment, I suffer from an immunodeficiency, and it is times to have that looked at and decide upon the best course of action to deal with it in my every day life. I’m also down to the last two Advanced Herbalism assignments and I really want to complete my exam and have that certification before the end of the year. I also want to get started on my Higher International Diploma. 

My business is requiring of my attention. I’m slowly working on the re-brand and new products but it’s taking time. I’m thinking this is my summer project on account of how hot it gets here so I’ll likely be spending most of my time inside. With split system air conditioning. For right now, things are staying as they are although I’ve shut down my website and moved everything to eBay. I’m also considering what kind of products I want for my strictly herbal remedy store, I’ve an idea, mostly I’m just having fun experimenting and trying new things. I’m exploring new options for my witchcraft related store – but it’s a slow thing, like I said – summer project.

I’ve also been working on my reading of tarot and oracle, progressing well I think. I’ve been alternating between my Wildwood Tarot and Oracle of the Shapeshifters and with the second deck one card continues to come up time and time again, which tells me there is a message that needs to be explored. This is the message of the Snake Princess:

You are being healed and given guidance from the serpent goddess, who is the originator of all life. You are a keeper of the old ways. You are one who cannot flee these changes, and so you must use power with great discrimination and may have associations with the ancient Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi.

It may be time to walk a labyrinth, to forgo the linear, dualistic view of the world and to begin to live in a more feminine, organic, undulating way. This is a wonderful time to learn ritual dance, to explore what skin it is you must shed, to observe the rites of ancient cultures, and to acknowledge that you too, are one of the people of the serpent. This is a good and sacred thing, as these people are ancient and wise ones who are bringing back serpentine wisdom so we can bridge the gap between the deep earth and the highest of heavens again.

You are also able to communicate with the dead, a talent of the very wise and, some say, the very brave. Please explore this talent if this card comes forth, as an ancestor is willing to share great knowledge with you. With this knowledge you will be free and will regenerate the ancient secrets kept hidden too long.

You are strong enough. Worthy enough.”

This is not the only card (but perhaps the most insistent), across both decks with certain themes, certain words that have been continually coming up. I’ve been reading cards long enough to know that if a message is coming through this strongly, regularly, then it is something that needs to be explored and understood. 

Who knows who or what I’ll be when I begin this new journey? I’m not even sure if my blog will be the same (rest assured though, I will definitely still be inundating everyone with pictures of my garden – I can’t help it!). My path may change, it may be different or it may grow into something richer, fuller. It’s a journey. The destination never much matters; it’s the path ahead that is of importance. 

So for now I shall bid you adieu, as I mentioned, I will still be posting on my tarot blog and my herbal blog but for now, the completely spiritual aspect of my path will be for me only. When I come back I will share it as I’ve always done, but I feel like I need to walk the road alone, discover what lies ahead and understand what it means before I can begin sharing whatever may come.

Baneful Herbs

I recently purchased some baneful herbs from The Pumpkin and the CauldronHenbane, Belladonna and Datura – as my personal poison garden is not yet a garden, still working on it. I’ve been wanting to work with them for awhile and made the decision to as I feel like I’ve been called to do so. They made it through Customs which was a relief!

I’m not sure as to how I’m going to use them, strictly speaking, its best to get to know them first. It’s a strange thing because I feel like the Nightshades are calling me, but the less scary family member Black/Common Nightshade is very prevalent around my yard with more seemingly popping up all the time. One of the plants is re-flowering, not too long ago it looked like it was going into hibernation so it’s curious.

Little will be said for right now on how I think I will be moving forward with these herbs. Next blog post shall explain why. Things are changing for me right now, going in an interesting direction that I’m tentatively exploring. It’s kind of hard to explain but as it stands, the next few months should be quite interesting for me. Spiritually speaking.


My pumpkin

All lit up

My outdoor Halloween display

My light up pumpkin working a very Tim Burton-esque vibe

I love Halloween, not that it is particularly celebrated here in Australia but it's a fun holiday. I have this tradition whereby I do my pumpkin then after dinner I watch Hocus Pocus and eat a big bowl of popcorn. This year I also watched Practical Magic - it was really fun since it was a family thing this year!!